Women's Modern Fit Chino
Women's Modern Fit ChinoWomen's Modern Fit ChinoWomen's Modern Fit ChinoWomen's Modern Fit ChinoWomen's Modern Fit ChinoWomen's Modern Fit ChinoWomen's Modern Fit Chino

Women's Modern Fit Chino

Color: Black
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The women’s trousers in a Modern fit are a striking light-wash take on the classic chino trousers. Crafted from a high-quality, durable twill fabric with built-in elastane for extra stretch, these trousers bring all-day comfort to a professional look. Feminine and practical, the Women’s Trousers are water and dirt-resistant and thanks to Coloursafe technology, colours stay sharp, wash after wash. Design details include two slanted front pockets and piped back pockets.

Product Details

  • Modern fit
  • Gorgeous twill fabric
  • Adapted to the female figure
  • The trousers have had a light wash, so they feel comfortable and have a striking look.
  • The elastane content provides excellent elasticity and a perfect fit.
  • The Coloursafe technology used on this fabric ensures intense colours that don't fade, even after repeated washing.
  • Thefabric is water and dirt resistant
  • The trousers have slanted pockets at the front
  • Piped pockets at the back
Shell fabric 98% Cotton / 2% Elastane
  • Wash inside out
  • Wash with similar colors


Cotton Using fabric that contains cotton means you can obtain a more relaxed look than that associated with woollen trousers. Cotton is a very pleasant-feeling, natural material that feels nice on the skin and offers good comfort.

Coloursafe Coloursafe technology is a dyeing method that ensures colourfastness. The fabric is processed and treated prior to dyeing, which results in intense, dark colours. The colours do not fade, nor do they go grey - even after multiple washes.

Stretch The stretch coms from the weave method used, or from elastic fibres woven into the fabric - or a combination of both. Knitted fabrics tend to be more elastic than woven fabrics. By using the right elastic fibres, you ensure that the fabric contracts back to its point of origin after each stretch, which helps ensure that the clothing retains its shape.

Water and stain resistant In order to make the normal working day easier, some of our fabrics have been treated with a water- and stain-resistant finish. This treatment means that fluids spilled onto the trousers simply bounce off without soaking into the fabric.

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