Men’s Extreme Flexibility Waistcoat

Color: Medium Grey
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The classic Fitted waistcoat is a stylish and less restrictive twist on the traditional waistcoat. Designed with super-stretch material that always returns to its original shape, it’s ultra-wearable whether you’re at the office, an event or catching a flight or train. Although all the classic details are there - an adjustable, elastic back, pockets and a button at the front, this piece can we worn up with a suit or down with dark jeans and a shirt.

Product Details

  • Classic fitted men’s waistcoat in super stretch
  • Super stretch - makes the waistcoat ultra stretchy in all directions
  • The fabric returns to its original shape after use
  • The waistcoat has a button fastening and two pockets at the front
  • Waistcoat with elastic back
  • adjustable back
Shell fabric 62% Polyester / 6% Elastane / 32% Viscose, 250 g/m²
Lining 100% Polyester, 0,007 kg
  • Dry clean only


Extreme Flexibility Extreme Flexibility is even more stretchy than Super Stretch. This tends to be used in knitted products, which also contain elastic fibres or woven fabrics, and which have been made extremely stretchy either through the weave method or by using an even greater proportion of elastic.

Stretch The stretch coms from the weave method used, or from elastic fibres woven into the fabric - or a combination of both. Knitted fabrics tend to be more elastic than woven fabrics. By using the right elastic fibres, you ensure that the fabric contracts back to its point of origin after each stretch, which helps ensure that the clothing retains its shape.

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