Timeless design, made to last

From the very beginning, SUNWILL has made high quality clothing for the well-dressed man. Getting the right fit, the right style, the right fabric, the right details and making things in the right way–so that our customers feel right–has always been our focus. We are committed to offering an alternative to rapidly changing trends and fast fashion, often associated with overproduction in factories located far from the end consumer. We take pride in delivering a sustainable wardrobe to our customers; with versatile pieces, made from durable fabrics and produced in a quality which lasts season after season. Quite simply, SUNWILL offers timeless design, made to last.

The right choice

We don’t compromise on comfort. Fit and functionality are of high priority. For us, fit is more than just a size: it is being the right choice to wear, every time. Experts in trouser making, we know exactly what it takes to design and produce the most comfortable pair of trousers. Every detail is carefully considered from the cut, to the material lining, to the smart functionality which ensures every part of an outfit sits right and feels good to wear. Years of craft, thought and innovation go into the development of our fabrics so we can create garments that move with the wearer, wherever they may go. We make the right choice easy. With extremely versatile pieces, our collection offers a core smart-casual wardrobe which is suitable for day-long wear and serves many different occasions and purposes by simply changing accessories or switching combinations of tops and bottoms. By delivering the right fit every time, our customers feel they make the right choice of what to wear every day.

The right wardrobe

At SUNWILL, sustainability comes in many different forms. Starting with a product’s lifetime, we are driven by the notion that less is more. We believe it better for the environment to produce high quality garments which look good for longer, than for the wearer to replace them often, resulting in a wardrobe filled with surplus clothing. A well fitting pair of trousers, jeans or a blazer–designed to keep its shape and style integrity whether it’s hung in the wardrobe or worn weekly for years to come–contributes far more positively towards the global climate challenge than using a small number of recycled fibers in the production of any one garment. That is why SUNWILL’s collections reflect durability, versatility and timeless style. Every garment is designed to fit right and suit multiple wearing occasions.

The right way forward

With a commitment to sustainable solutions, we strive for a production which is as environmentally friendly as possible. We are in the process of switching to recycled materials for packaging and collaborate with suppliers which have established environmentally friendly production facilities. Committed to making long-term investments in production, material innovation and the environment, we work continuously to ensure that materials and clothing are produced responsibly, with respect for the environment and the people involved.

Our commitments

Responsible actions

Thinking innovatively to act responsibly is our motto: we assume responsibility for each other and our surroundings. We strive to work with sustainable solutions wherever possible across production, supply chain and operations. We are committed to deliver on our promises in our efforts to create a sustainable business for the benefit of our customers, suppliers and our employees.

Recycled materials

We care for the environment and carefully consider the impact of transporting, delivering and packaging our goods. We pack our products in bags made from recycled plastic and we are in the process of switching to recycled materials for all of our packaging requirements.

Sustainable supply chain

Our suppliers are carefully chosen. We collaborate with selected suppliers using alternative energy sources, such as solar cell energy. We cooperate with suppliers which have environmentally friendly production facilities and are working to establish alternative energy sources at our own sites.

Reduced CO2 emissions

We established production facilities in Europe in the 1990s to ensure excellent quality and exceptional turnaround times for our customers. With 90% of our production taking place in Lithuania– close to our European customer base– we satisfy customer demand quickly, whilst reducing CO2 emissions.

Minimized carbon footprint

With our own production facilities in Europe, we have total control of stock supply and replenishment. We replenish stock and fulfil orders efficiently with only one weekly transport departure from our factories in Lithuania to service our customers.

Conscientious production

We set high environmental product safety standards. We ensure raw materials sourced meet industry standards and have been thoroughly examined for substances which may be harmful to the health of the wearer. We strive to use materials that are produced with reduced water consumption.

Reduced waste

We continuously monitor stock to avoid overproduction of NOS (Never Out of Stock) articles and unnecessary waste. We produce and deliver on-demand collections of fabric that may still be in stock, in order to satisfy customer requirements whilst reducing waste materials.

Customer focused

We pride ourselves on understanding our customers and meeting their demands. With our own production facilities in Europe, we are flexible to produce the required quantities of style variants–available in a wide range of colours and sizes–to meet their demands. We always suggest alternatives to out-of-stock items to meet supply and demand effectively and avoid stock wastage.

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